About Us

As an independent, we are positioned to effectively and credibly report on communications performance as we do not rely on the outcomes to show value. We build our models on data and attributes that are entirely objective in order to create a reliable algorithm for performance tracking. This leads to a transparent, unbiased, and above all accurate process for measuring the success of any and all campaigns or activities.

Whether the data comes from a focus group, a poll, social and traditional media analysis, or web-based metrics – we use analytics to synthesize findings that really matter. We look at the data to understand ‘what happened?’, figuring out the story behind the data, then use our contextual knowledge and relationship with your team to establish meaningful ‘so what?’ findings for the long-term strategic plan.

Meaningful Measurement

Knowing where to start is the hardest step to take for any good measurement program. Our consultancy team works with you to map out your overarching objectives and create the foundation for good, repeatable measurement and analytics.